Artist Amanda Joy Wolf

ARTIST STATEMENTAmanda-Artisit Statement

"There is something so magical about making objects out of clay. I start with an idea and create something from nothing."

I create functional porcelain pottery for the home inspired by the changing scenery of Pennsylvania. These pieces are intended to be used and enjoyed daily to bring nature inside and inspire those who use them.

I seek to create work which reflects my love of nature and the outdoors. Observing and encountering wildlife in my backyard and beyond inspires me to incorporate the feeling of movement and of life into daily objects. These ideas and images are incorporated through the use of hand painting, stamping, and sprigs to create fanciful narrative pottery that represents the flow of change and seasons in Pennsylvania.

Through this work, I evoke feelings of joy and serenity, happiness and calm. These are the feelings reminiscent of how we experience nature itself.

Amanda-Bio - Meet The ArtistMEET THE ARTIST

Growing up in Chester County, PA, I had a wonderful childhood of exploring and enjoying the fields and woods surrounding our family home. Love of nature and the outdoors comes from my roots: a grandfather florist who passed on his love of plants and parents who are garden gurus and back yard birders. These interests sank into and are a thread of who I am. Nature informs every aspect of my work.

I began exploring clay and its magical properties of malleable material in high school, creating small sculptures and tiles. I never saw a pottery wheel until I got to Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2000 and began taking my first pottery course. It’s there I began learning the arduous and exciting process of making pottery. I earned a BFA in 2003 and, upon graduation, decided to move to Pittsburgh to learn about the arts community and to continue making pots. In 2005, I began teaching at the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild where I taught for eight years, this is where I learned the real power of clay and how it can transform people, including myself. In 2010, I created my own home studio and Wolf’s Den Pottery was created. In that time, I switched from cone 10 gas firing and atmospheric firings to electric cone 6 firing. Our son, Jack, was born in 2013 and I began a full time studio pottery practice, creating pottery for Wolf’s Den Pottery.

I continue to teach wheel throwing classes at Stray Cat Studio in Beaver Falls, workshops at Society Contemporary Craft and private lessons at my home studio. As the years continue, I transform the clay and myself through the process of making pottery.

"Wolf's Den Pottery - Nature Inspired Functional Pottery"
Handmade - Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

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Welcome Wolf's Den Pottery

Each piece is handmade, and our pottery is Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Amanda Wolf's stylistic creations bring the beauty of nature into your home. The hand-painted surfaces have an expressive quality, so like snowflakes, each one is slightly different.