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Amanda Stoking Kiln - "El Fuego Del Loba" Woodkiln - Wolf's Den Pottery

“The idea of wood firing implies that the final outcome of one’s work,
can surpass our imagination and wishes.”

Written by Robert Sanderson, Wood Fired Ceramics

Wood fired pottery is characterized by melted wood ash and flashing from the flames, that decorate and color the clays’ surface.  It is known as an atmospheric firing because the atmosphere that is created by the burning of the wood, helps to create a unique surface.

I fire my single chamber bourry box wood kiln about 3 times a year.  Firing a wood kiln is a LOT of work.

First things first, you must clean and wash all shelves & posts, and mix up wadding for the posts, shelves, and pots to rest on.  Wadding must be made and placed on the bottom of each pot, and between all the shelves and bricks to prevent them from fusing together.  Placing the pots in the kiln, and positioning them is critical to their eventual outcome. When the kiln is stacked, and the door is bricked up, we are ready to fire.

We'll slowly take the kiln up to 2400 degrees over the next 26 hours.  Wood must be stoked into the firebox consistently throughout the firing.  We will use about a cord and a half of wood for each wood firing.  

Once we reach 2200 degrees, we will introduce salt into the firebox, which will dissipate throughout the kiln.  This will create a vaporizing atmosphere that spreads a light glaze onto the pots, this will guarantee that all the wood ash has melted.

After the kiln cools for several days we will open and unload it.

Opening the wood kiln is like opening a treasure chest!  There are always amazing surprises and mysteries left from the fire.

"Wolf's Den Pottery - Nature Inspired Functional Pottery"
Handmade - Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

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Each piece is handmade, and our pottery is Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Amanda Wolf's stylistic creations bring the beauty of nature into your home. The hand-painted surfaces have an expressive quality, so like snowflakes, each one is slightly different.